Campaign demonstration causes driveway damage

Assuming you have a TV, you’ve probably seen people march or hold demonstrations for a cause. In this case, supporters of the campaign hosted a demonstration on my neighbors yard across from my house. Just like the chaotic scene at the US Capitol when Trump was in office, people were going crazy. Supporters were chanting and everyone seemed to be in agreement until someone threw a rock and hit one of the speakers. The speaker threw a chair into the crowd and everyone started fighting. Several protesters took a shovel and started striking vehicles, causing one protester to jump in a car and crash it into my newly paved driveway. The car struck the asphalt so hard that is cracked down the center. Then, you’ll never believe what happened. Someone threw a Molotov cocktail at the car and it exploded, destroying my driveway and part of my yard. I called the police during the whole ruckus and they sent at least 20 officers to break up the rally and send everyone home, but the damage to my property was already done. In speaking with one of the officers, I learned that his brother was actually the owner of a local paving company and he could repair the potholes and cracks in the asphalt for a low price. I filled out the asphalt driveway repair estimate on his website and 3 paving contractors fixed my driveway on Tuesday afternoon. It turned out great, despite all the problems leading up to that event. Next time there’s a political demonstration or rally near me, I’m putting up a fence.